Water Birth

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Benefits of Water Labor

  • allows the woman’s body to completely relax which then lessens the pain of the contractions
  • has a calming, soothing effect
  • the partner can also be in the tub
  • women feel lighter, are able to move easily and freely into different upright positions with less stress on their bodies




Benefits of Water Birth

  • allows for complete relaxation of muscles in between pushing
  • water aids in perineal stretching and tear prevention
  • allows for a smooth transition for baby since they live in amniotic fluid and are born into warm water
  • calming, soothing effect on baby

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When a baby is born underwater, we, together with the parents, bring the baby up into the air right away – calmly and smoothly.  The baby is then immediately assessed.  The baby doesn’t breathe until it is brought up out of the water.


Tubs for Birth

We have various inflatable tubs designed specifically for water birth available for use by our clients.  Ideally they will get the tub a couple of weeks before their due date.  Tubs can also be purchased or rented from YourWaterBirth.com