Home Birth

Prenatal Care

Establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is crucial in planning to give birth at home.  Nutrition plays a large role as well as setting up a trusting relationship.  The hour-long prenatal visits are conducted in the office.  At each visit we will check the mother’s urine, weight, and blood pressure.  We will feel the baby’s position and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Many different topics pertaining to pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting will be discussed as well as addressing any concerns. Partners and children are encouraged to attend.  They are typically 10-15 prenatal visits before the birth.  We are also available by phone or email for questions or concerns.  We can obtain any necessary labwork or ultrasounds.

Labor and Birth

by Colleen Losse

Toward the end of a woman’s pregnancy we are in close contact with her by phone.  Once labor is established we go to the home and are present through the birth and for a minimum of 2-3 hours afterwards.  We support and monitor mother and baby by listening to baby’s heart rate, encouraging the mother to eat, drink, and stay active.  We are continually assessing the situation, equipped to handle most emergency medical situations and are prepared to transfer care when needed.  If complications arise that no longer make home birth a safe option we transfer to the hospital.  In most circumstances we will accompany the family to the hospital and continue providing support.


Immediate care/assessment of the baby and mom is given for 2-3 hours following the birth.  A home visit is done at 24 to 36 hours post birth in which we do a thorough check-up, including the Newborn Screening test.  Another check-up in the home is usually done three days after the birth.  Our care includes an optional 2-week and 6-week check-up back in the office.