Evie’s Home Birth

Evie James Moore, weighing 9.4 pounds 

My name is Kate Moore.  We had a home birth with Kathi a little over a year ago now.   I went into labor on Sunday night (Nov 18th) and was able to labor throughout the night sleeping on and off until about 430am.  I woke my husband up and he started helping me with hip compressions.  We labored for another 2 hours and it was pretty clear I was in active labor, so we called Kathi.  She arrived shortly after that and was so comforting and helpful.  She checked me and I was at an 8 and I got into the tub.  I labored for a while in there, but it just didn’t feel right to me, so we started to move into my bedroom and my water broke everywhere.  I’m pretty sure it got all over Kathi ha ha.   Then I started pushing on all fours in my bed, and Kathi was amazing!  She did counter pressure and oil the whole time and helped guide my breathing.  I didn’t have a single tear.   My daughter was born after about an hour of pushing.  She had the cord wrapped around her neck, but Kathi got her breathing and made sure that she was okay.  She also was so reassuring the entire time she was working on her.  My husband and I were not concerned at all.  The newborn exam was so gentle.  They made us some food and made sure that I was doing well physically as well as baby.  I cannot say enough about our home birth experience, as well as Dance of Life. 

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