Alex’s Home Birth

Alex James Coleman – March 16, 2010 

Contractions started around 12:58 am on Tuesday March 16th. The contractions were 7 minutes apart for about an hour and then they went to 5 minutes apart till about 3am. Then the hard stuff, 3 minutes apart. I passed the time by watching tv and bouncing on my exercise ball and walking around the kitchen. I was so thirsty; I think I drank a gallon of water that morning. Then I was asking myself when is the right time to call the midwife. So, after the great debate in my head I decided to call her around 4 am. I told her not to rush because Rory took 30 hrs for labor. So, I thought we had a long time for this baby to come out. But the midwife knew better, she had me go wake Chad up and get the pool ready. I was hesitant to wake Chad up; I just didn’t want to rush anyone or have him miss out on some more rest. I was totally in the mindset that this baby was coming but not for hours or days! I took Kathi’s advice and went and got Chad up, but I wasn’t in a hurry. I waited at least 30 minutes to tell him to set up the pool. But he jumped up with enthusiasm and was ready for our new little one to come. Kathi showed up around 5 am. She was ready to go, she brought in all her bags and started to set up for the “show.” I was checked at 5:30 am and I was at a 6 cm dilated! I was shocked, I keep saying this is too easy so far. I was so proud that this was happening so fast. Time to call in my support team! We called Miriam and Kim to get over asap! The gals put on a rush to get to our house with cameras in hand. They did an awesome job capturing this birth. I jumped into the nice warm pool to help relieve the back pressure, not sure if it really helped. I just felt confined in the pool, my knees kept falling asleep and I wasn’t comfortable, so Chad helped me out. From the time I woke up Chad was right there helping me; he would press on my back to help with the back labor. He didn’t leave my side the whole time and, in every picture, he was smiling, I couldn’t ask for a better partner and coach! Kathi watched me as the contractions come and go. She saw the last contraction I had before birth and was like I think it’s time for you to sit down on the potty and have a contraction. So, I was hesitant to listen, but I was done so I just went with what she said. I sat down and she just knew. My water broke and I was ready to push. I was asked where I wanted to labor, and I was out of it. So, she reacted quick and grabbed my exercise ball and I hunched over and pushed this baby out. It took 15 minutes to push our little one out. Rory was so cute for the labor she played in her rice. Then when the baby was coming out, she came over and was looking at this baby coming out. When the baby was out, she keeps pointing and saying “baby, baby.” I asked Chad to look and see what we had, and I was shocked to hear we had a little boy! Words couldn’t describe our joy at that moment. He was born at 9:01 am, March 16th. Chad got to cut the cord and hold our little one. Then the little bit of complications came. I was losing a lot of blood. I got two shoots of Pitocin in the leg to help stop the bleeding and a few other things to help. After an hour or so I was in the good, not to much bleeding any more (I lost about 6 cups). So, I wasn’t going anywhere, I was planted on the floor for the rest of the day. Chad sat with me as we decided the name of our new little guy. Alex James was what his name is. He was such a big boy, we were excited to find out how much he weighed. I knew he was at least 10 lbs, but come to fine out he was 10 lb 14 oz! He looked so good and healthy and chubby. Instant love… 

Alex 2010

Alex 2020

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