Welcome to Dance of Life Midwifery

“Just had home birth a week ago with Kathi, Kristen and Emily. They are fantastic. Kathi’s experience, calm attitude and knowledge make the entire experience relaxing and enjoying. Choosing Kathi and her practice for home birth was one of the best decisions in my life.”-Elena Boyer 

Melissa McKolay

“Kathi is a gift to this community! She caught my second baby and helped me feel secure and confident in giving birth. She has put together a great team of women to help our mama’s have a birth they cherish. Thank you!”-Jena Hullman 

“If you are even entertaining the idea of a home birth I cannot recommend it enough! There’s no one else I could ever imagine doing it other than Kathi. I did a hospital birth for my first child, and for my second, Kathi gave me the ideal birth and care that I wanted. I wish I would’ve done that the first time around. What an amazing difference. I wish everyone could go through this experience to have your hand held, to be educated on every step of the way, to have a choice in what procedures and care you want and have your choice respected. I have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl who although, came out with her cord wrapped around her a few times, came out beautifully. I had no tearing, no hemorrhaging, no interventions and no complications. I have a very strong healthy baby girl who I could not love more. Thank you Kathi. A million times, thank you.” -Amanda Meerman 

“Kathi is experienced, knowledgeable, and a calming presence to have accompany your birth. You can tell she genuinely cares about each and every Momma and baby!”-CK